Domburg © Domburg Tervuerens   All rights reserved Raising the Standard CC & BOB  Breed judge: Jacky MacAndie (Niavana)  Pictured above in the Pastoral Group meeting judge Mr Joe Kirk, on the move and standing Proudly taking her position at the podium  INDIA  PASTORAL GROUP WINNER	  India was one of the top seven dogs at Crufts -  in an entry exceeding 23,000  The applause and cheers were deafening but as with everything India took it all in her stride! Pictured right chatting to the Chief Steward            Below, India relaxing on the sofa at home with some of her many awards CC & BOB  Breed judge: Jenny Eaves (Talamo)  Pictured left on the move under Group Judge Steve Hall.  India went on to win  PASTORAL GROUP 3 ~ CRUFTS  2003 ~ ~ CRUFTS  2005 ~ ~ CRUFTS 2006 ~ Pictured yet again enjoying posing with her latest awards at home